Thursday, February 26, 2009

Like Feet?

New outfit? Come hither...
I started wearing heels in salsa class tonight. It's much easier to twirl in heels vs. sneakers. I don't like to wear heels. It attracts too much negative attention (as if I need more of it). Every single guy wanted to dance with me tonight. Chinese dude kept giving me the I want you, come hither look. Uh, no dude, seriously NO...I thought about charging him by the hour for the way he was looking at me. One guy tried to give me a foot massage when I kicked the heels off...keep in mind I have seen him at 4 different classes and not once did he acknowledge my presence. LOL.

Many guys commented on my heels and asked me why I haven't worn them to class before. Uh, well, this is the exact reason. I don't want them thinking about my feet when they are going to bed tonight. I am already wearing shorts because it's so freaking hot in the studio. 3 women asked me if I am a runner. Nah, I just have manly legs that can crack walnuts, thanks for asking.

  • Guys who take dance class have serious foot fetishes
  • It's better to get 0 attention than negative attention. I have high self esteem and don't need to be leered at. Yeah yeah, some of you disagree (mostly guys I am sure), but let me put it this way. What's better: 1) no attention or 2) a really large unattractive sweaty woman staring at you? Ahh, I just proved my point

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