Saturday, December 13, 2014

Age And Divorce

A commenter left this and I had some time to take a look.  So, it basically says my go older thought will surely lead to divorce.  Well, I think more important than age gap, is the at age at which people got married.  I have many friends in their late 30s and early 40s getting divorces.  Most of them got married in their mid and late 20s to people who were very close in age (usually they met in college and graduated the same year).


  1. How old are you AG if you don't mind me asking

  2. I didn't read that whole article - got one paragraph in and decided it's bullshit. I agree with you, AG, and also think there are so many other factors that go into whether or not someone will get divorced. I think I posted a couple of links in a comment here a a bit ago... one of them was this:

    That said, I married someone my age (we are under 2 months apart). We met at 22 years and married at 29. Divorced less than 3 years later.

  3. Can you imagine sleeping with the 70 year old when you're only 50? Especially, considering that you will marry him not because of passionate love but his status (assumption based on your previous posts)... but then, again, it could be passionate love for his status... or you will ditch him by then? oh, but he may make you sign the prenup!

    1. I can imagine 40 and 60. Wait, don't old guys lose interest in sex? So maybe by 70, a guy is done? Or, that's what I'd hope if I were in this situation haha.

      You are right, it would be passionate love of his status

    2. In these days of Viagra and Cialis, they don't have to be done by 70, so don't count on it - especially if he has a wife who's so much younger... He may want to milk this till he drops dead. Think about it before you become too enamored with the idea of a "much older" dude :)

  4. Sorry if this posted twice, Blogger is so weird sometimes. Here's my comment:

    The graph isn't showing correlation or even a prediction. It's saying that people with a large age gap are X% more likely to split up when compared to same-age couples (who are also divorcing). It seems the article is unfairly drawing conclusions.

    Frankly, I think a big age gap also means gaps in wealth, life stage, and energy. THOSE items contribute to divorce, not just simply being different ages.