Sunday, April 26, 2009

Oh Just Stop Talking!

Oh just stop talking! I know this chump who loves to give unsolicited dating advice. Great, useless chatter from a guy who eats while he is sitting on the pot (seriously, who does this?)

Obviously, he would never have a chance with me or a girl of similar caliber, yet he feels the need to tell me what I am doing "wrong." Yes, I am sure I am doing tons "wrong" since I have to dodge guys like it's an Olympic event. I am really quite irritated that he thinks a girl like me would ever date a guy like him (socially awkward, fairly uneducated or just dumb, broke, needy, anxious, etc).

A couple of his thoughts on women...
  • All women want me to call when I give them my number...yeah, I am sure they all remember what you look like in their inebriated states
  • All women love really hairy guys...right on gorillaman

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