Monday, April 20, 2009

And Another

+1 to the body count (now it's Aquaguppy, Lawyer, and Skater Guy...that's just from the last 2 or so weeks).

Went out to dinner with Skater Guy. Couple of things, dinner was pretty late in my opinion and he at first wanted me to travel a ridiculous distance to a location more convenient for him. Yeah, there was no way we would ever go out if I had to travel.

Skater Guy is really not my type (hair color, height, etc). However, he is extremely intelligent and funny. I thought he was a nice fun guy, but no chemistry. I thanked him for dinner. I got a speech. He doesn't normally pay for girls that he dates a couple of times or is in a relationship with. Excuse me? The best way to never see me again? 1) be male and 2) suggest I pay for my meal. Wow. Even my totally platonic guy friends buy drinks / meals. I have never ever paid for a drink in the company of a guy (one that I know or a total stranger).

Officially let Lawyer Guy know that there would be no 3rd date today. I get a bit of a needy / desperate vibe from him. I think he wants to be friends, but 1) I don't think guys and girls who have tried dating can really be friends...I'll get into this another day and 2) I have enough guy friends...almost all my friends are guys!

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