Tuesday, April 14, 2009

O Part Deux?

Oh man, Dance Guy might really be Odie Part 2 (which is something Ivan joked about weeks ago). The evidence is starting to grow!!

Odie is always really well dressed, cute (in my opinion), seemingly confident, and appears to be sociable. In reality, Odie is a mess (shy, possibly insecure, a bit awkward, etc). Odie does much better when he is drinking which probably holds true for the Dance Guy too.

Maybe it's me? Maybe I make guys shy, awkward, and insecure. Maybe GoodFella is right about my jewel collecting tendencies. Oh sh*t...


  1. This is odie and I found your blog. It is funny how hypocritical and downright bizarre your behavior can be. No wonder you are a spinster. I am looking at someone younger and much more skinny and fashionable. Someone that does not create funky names and make a mockery of things. Your behavior is sick, do you want to go out on Saturday night?

  2. Bull. Aight kids, which one of you wants to own up to this?