Friday, April 24, 2009

I Think I Have Picked One

There is no reason to pick Dance Guy or Rocketman right now. However, from the little that I know about these two guys, I think I am picking Rocketman.
  1. I look better with Rocketman. I am convinced that couples won't last unless they look good together
  2. Rocketman is my type (tall white guy with dark hair), Dance Guy is a tall white guy with lightish dark hair
  3. Rocketman actually asked for my info = he is the interested party
Dance Guy is still cute, nice, and smart, but I don't think we would look very good together and I think he is trying to set me up with Rocketman in a strange manner.

In retrospect, I probably should have been less dense and put the clues together sooner. Rocketman wanted to know about my "friends" (the random guys I was talking to) and tried to continue the night with me after the networking event (when we first met via Dance Guy) a month ago. He totally recognized me and was super nice the first time I saw him in class; too bad, I needed a bit of a push to remember who he was. Even though I don't know much, I do know Rocketman more (where he grew up, where he hangs out, etc).

Now all he has to do is ask me out or get me to meet up with him outside of class...

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