Sunday, April 19, 2009

As Usual, Trashed

Saturday night = the usual = trashed. It was a good night. Went to the Marina, specifically Eastside West, Matrix Fillmore, Circa, and Balboa Cafe (can we say PlumpJack). Every bouncer in SF loves me. A couple of them actually said, "Please please come back again." Hmm...

Texted with Odie, he actually had some work stuff going on. Discussed Odie with the roomie. Oh God, I think I admitted having a crush on Odie to the roomie (please, like he didn't know already). Roomie is very confused about Odie and wants to have a talk with him, I am not confused at all...move on I say!! Until he makes a move and proves he is a contender, I am doing it up / going out and not giving a flying f*ck. Roomie is on a mission to find me a man these days...good!

I will work it from all angles and concentrate on Dance Guy and Preppy Guy from dance class.

Player play on ;)

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