Saturday, April 4, 2009

Back Again?

Okay, I am trashed, so I will need to do edits in the am.

Odie has reappeared, in my kitchen. Odie and I have been exchanging emails the last couple of days. I mentioned Dance Guy from salsa and now Odie wants to go dancing with me. I mentioned Aquaguppy and Odie stopped replying, but showed up tonight. Roomie, Odie, and I went to grab a drink on Polk St.

Odie and I chatted, roomie disappeared. Roomie is clearly up to something? He's been trying to set us up for over 1 year now. Uh, were we really talking about Dance Guy or...
O: You should totally make a move. He is probably shy. Wouldn't you rather just know what's up than give up and say f*ck it?
Me: No, I am old fashioned and would prefer a guy that makes the move. I don't want someone who is not into me.
O: Well, what if he is the best guy for you? You will never know.
Me: If he can't even muster up the balls to ask me out, he is not the best guy for me.
O: So you are just going to sit around and wait? Give it time, he'll get there.
Me: Well, I have 4 dudes chasing me right now, if he doesn't want me as much as they do, then it's his loss. I have other options.

Someone needs to make a move...Dance Guy and/or Odie...


  1. Yes, men are dumb.

    I don't want the pssy guy who is scared of rejection. If he still has that fear then he doesn't want me bad!!

    Come one, everyone must know at least 1 guy that was always scared of rejection until he met THE girl.

  2. Yeah, but there are also tons of stories about the "Girl That Got Away". And don't even get me started on the whole concept of timing. 'Definitely, Maybe', anyone?