Thursday, April 16, 2009

Not The Right Folks

Let's see who asked me out/showed more than the average amount of interest in dance this week:
  • Guy who would have had a chance weeks ago, but then I woke up and realized, eh. He was doing the standard get to know you questions while dancing. He suggested I go with him to a dance club sometime, nah, I am good thanks.
  • Guy who always dances with me and is such a good friend. Not sure he realizes it.
  • Guy who looks like a raccoon; seriously, he's got random scruff and tuffs of grey hair with dark eyes. There is something about him that I just don't like at all (looks?)...I am sure he is a nice guy, but no. He wanted me to go out to a club with him after class via bus. LOL, really??
  • Guy who I am going to call hunchback (figure it out). He is new to class and terrible. In dance you are supposed to lead with your chest, not your junk. He has been trying to chitchat with me. I am not having it
  • Guy who is much older. He is super nice, but I bet he would play grab ass when drunk. I have actually mentioned him in previous posts (he has a serious shoe/foot fetish). He invited me for a night of dinner and dancing. Um, wow, I am tired, thanks, but can't make it.


  1. Raccoon guy taking you out and the transportation is BUS???? LMAO.

    Love this posts.

    Sugarpants here. :)