Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Kinda Obvious, No?

This is pretty obvious, but I just figured it out. You can tell how interested you are in a person (or how interested he/she is in you) by saying / hearing the answer to one question..."Where do you live?" Ever notice how you are much more specific when you are actually interested in the person asking you?

Kids, you are armed...use this wisely.


  1. I got that question too this weekend. Then when I asked this girl if I could call her sometime, she said, you seem like a really nice guy. I just don't see the X-Factor! What the hell is that. Isn't that Simon Cowell's British signing show? Anyways I laughed it off. Picked my dignity off the ground, dusted it off and put it in my back pocket. To be used for another time.

  2. LOL. Fck her, you can do better! Good question, WTF is X-Factor?

  3. Beats the hell out of me. But it was funny. Shitty thing was I wasn't even into her at all. I did it for the sport of it