Friday, July 24, 2015

A Pair Of Actors

Aren't we a pair of actors.  New Leaf Guy acted like everything is fine (maybe he really thinks it is)?  I acted like I believed his lame excuse for flaking the last time we were supposed to meet and never brought it up.  I've already categorized him as flaky friend/kinda business contact weeks ago.  Remember, I want to avoid him bad mouthing me (he knows a tremendous number of people).

Dinner was?  He told me he missed me and I talked about a new book I'm reading.  While I was examining the menu, he kept suggesting I order the most expensive items (what I was already planning to do).  Food came and I stuck to non relationship related topics, work, business, sports, et al.  Every time relationship related topics came up, I changed the subject.  He did something new, he looked at every woman who walked by (eye roll, like no guy has ever done this before to try to get a reaction).  I gave him no reaction and it actually didn't bother me one bit.

He's traveling again all of August and part of September.  I am going peacefully and will simply turn down future invitations and blame it on work, family obligations, spin class, et al.  I'm not even tempted to tell him why he is disqualified (something I am often tempted to do).  He'll go on his trip and perhaps when he comes back, he'll have forgotten about me.  If he doesn't fade away on his own, I'll say something like I don't want to be with someone who travels almost all the time.

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