Sunday, July 26, 2015


Still haven't met up with this new guy and he's sent me 18 texts over 14 hours (that includes 8 hours where normal people are sleeping).  I replied to one text.  I don't think I should meet up with him, this is...terrifying?  And tremendously irritating.  The one text I replied to was him asking me out.  That's it.  The texts he's been sending me?  Nothing of substance, I just woke up, I'm going to the gym, look at this view, hi!!!!!, what are you doing right now, et al.  I repeat, we've NEVER met before.  I'm thinking about blocking him.  He reminds me of Smart Guy...


  1. He seems too needy to ever have a chance with you! I wonder if he just doesn't realize that intelligent people don't want to narrate their daily activities over text or if he's just lonely/needs lots of attention? Either way, that is irritating, and hopefully the "nothing of substance" description doesn't carry over to what he's actually like...

    1. Hi M, he definitely seems like he needs a lot of attention and is desperate? I am 99% sure I will never meet up with him. He seems like someone who would lose their temper very easily and have social adjustment problems