Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Genuinely Interested

Some reminders for myself and others who may need it.  If a guy is genuinely interested, it will show in his actions, don't listen to his words.  He'll plan ahead and pick a restaurant (because he agreed to do it or because he wants to impress you).  He'll happily pick you up and not b*tch and whine about the traffic he's endured.  He'll want to go away with you for the weekend, not just talk about it.  He'll want to help if it seems like you need help (this could be as simple as helping you put on your coat, assembling an Ikea shelf, mock interviewing for your graduate school admissions interview, et al).

I think every woman out there deserves a guy who is genuinely interested in her...


  1. Couldn't agree more. Now finding that guy in SF...

    1. I agree.. every woman out there deserves that guy.. but most women in SF act more like girls..

    2. Maybe because the guys are acting like boys? Please share examples

  2. No the boys will never grow up into men in SF. It's pathetic.