Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Sayonara!  New Leaf Guy appears well and uninjured, as I assumed he'd be.  He posted pictures on Instagram all morning.  That means he flaked last night.  This is the first time I've been stood up, by anyone.  And, he hasn't tried to contact me between the time of the date and now.

I'm not mad that he didn't show.  I'm thinking about it because I don't understand his logic or what he hopes will happen by flaking. As some readers have said in the comments of the last post, perhaps he was testing me.  I stand by the question, if he was really interested in me, wouldn't this be a very risky test?  This isn't going to get him back in my good graces.

This is why I don't give guys second chances (in his case it may have been more than two).  If I need to give a guy a second chance, that means he wasn't interested enough the first time around and/or I found his behavior to be horrible.  If he was very interested and acted as such, he wouldn't have needed the second chance!

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