Monday, October 14, 2013

Tech Party

Went to a huge tech party over the weekend, over 1,400 RSVPs.  There were a lot of people there, but probably not 1,400.  It was fun to check it out and no, I didn't meet any guys I thought were interesting.  Although I haven't met anyone great, I still think I can and will find someone great in San Francisco (despite years of evidence that would disprove this).  Am I being stupid here?


  1. What about striking up a conversation with someone you find attractive, or even a group of people you think seem fun? If they're not your cup of tea, you move on. Try again another day, somewhere else. Forget the stereotypes, forget what you know. Come to it with fresh resolve and just be open. I think this would help bring some interesting people into the mix!

    1. Hey Alicia, unfortunately, there weren't any guys I thought were attractive (and yes, there were a lot of guys there). I'm starting to think the majority of SF guys are just not my type. The cliques were unwelcoming and stayed in their respective groups, which is quite normal for SF. I agree, a fresh resolve is necessary. It's tough when what I believe is constantly reinforced.