Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Got Pears?

I went to the library after picking up a two pound bag of pears.  As I was wandering around, a guy kept looking at me.  About five minutes later he said, "Nice pears."  That's a new line, lol, I replied, "Thanks" to be polite.  He then said, "Let's talk it over breakfast tomorrow."  Uh, I gave him an odd look an walked away.

Pro: he tried to pick me up at the library using pears
Con: he was not attractive and alluded to spending the night together?

Well, at least he tried...


  1. I didn't get at first that he was alluding to the fact that he wanted to spend the night with you. That guy is trash and he didn't deserve to use that line.

  2. Not gonna lie, that totally made me giggle. :-P

  3. What about initiative? It was some initiative! Unattractive and alluding to a one-night stand, yeah, that cancels him out. But he gets a star for the attempt!