Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mystery Solved

Got a text earlier this afternoon from Guy 2. Process of elimination tells me Guy 3 was the jackss that texted me at 2:30am and failed to mention his name/where we met. Obviously, I am not too fond of Guy 3. Screw it, he's done.

Now the text from Guy 2 also referred to my coat and how fabulous it was.

There has been way to much talk about this coat for me not to describe shiny plasticy trench. It's a freaking raincoat.

So heard back from all 3 guys, kinda surprised I haven't heard from Girl 1. I would have thought I'd hear from her first...


  1. You know I know you like to talk and all but wouldn't posting a pix of your streetwalker jacket be easier?

  2. Yeah, seriously -- show us the trick-trench!

  3. Would love to, but what if I get made? Still trying to keep my identity a secret...