Monday, February 16, 2009

Online Stalking / Researching 101

Online Stalking / Researching
I am an excellent online stalker /'s really a skill. Come on, don't give me that look. I know at least half of you google people you meet at a bar, so it's not just me. PS, google is a great start, but there is so much more out there!!

I usually need 3 pieces of information (assuming all the information is true):
  1. First name
  2. College or graduate school
  3. Company (preferably right now, but past companies work too)
Sometimes 2 out of 3 is enough. Throw this info into and Voila! Reminder: if you have a Facebook profile and don't want this done to you, turn up all your privacy settings.

What are people lying about?
So far the guys I meet enjoy lying about their age more than anything else. Are there that many old guys in San Francisco trying to reclaim their youths?

What's worse:
  1. The guy that lies about his age (I am 34...try 39? Do these guys really think they look that great for their age?)
  2. The guy that thinks there is nothing wrong with being over 15 years older (I am 46, so what?)
  3. The guy that is at least 10 years older, thought I was 23, and still hit on me?

Want more fun stalking / researching sites? (one of my least favorite sites, I always feel like I might get an aneurysm from some of the crap people put on their pages...blinking words, flashing pictures, blaring music, ugh)

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