Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Twilight Mania

I am 3 years behind on Twilight Mania. I have finally seen the movie and read all the books by Stephenie Meyer. If you are curious and would like to skim free PDFs of the books, google "twilight meyer pdf" or something similar to that.

Disclaimer: I am not promoting the dissemination of copyrighted materials and did not post the PDFs.

I read 2, 3, and 4 via PDF, but will end up buying all of them. It's not fun reading off a computer screen.

Twilight Series
Book 1 - Twilight
Book 2 - New Moon
Book 3 - Eclipse
Book 4 - Breaking Dawn

Twilight DVD will be released late March. New Moon might be in theaters November 2009. Fun!!


  1. Hm. Did you self-impose the Twilight lag? Mine was completely self-imposed. Couldn't bear the thought of sharing something with tweens and soccermoms. But who am I kidding? I'm like that lady in a suit with silvery gray streaked hair that listens to Britney on the train, lowering the volume on my mp3 player so no one knows my sad n dirty secret.

    At any rate, I am only on the 1st book, since I knew I would be obsessed and sexile my husband, since I knew I'd be Team Edward member #7,503,873,572,320,001. I have already begun to shoot my hubby disapproving looks in the morning. Have you had any side effects?

  2. Hmm, my excuse for not following Twilight is much worse. In 2006, I was living under a giant rock; I just found out about Twilight 11/08. Since I am unequivocally a teeny bopper, I had to jump in.

    I heart Edward!!! If he was real, oh man *smile.* Who cares if he is a vampire? He is THE whole package. So dreamy... Hmm, side effects? My "perfect guy" list multiplied exponentially.

  3. LOL, so is it bad that I compare every guy I meet to a fictional character?