Sunday, February 8, 2009


I have successfully avoided a boy named Ned for about 2 months. Why? Ned is quite full of himself and a bit of a douche. He has an ivy league education, played college ball, and has a large trust fund.

Ned was angry with me one night because I didn't want to meet him for drinks.
Ned: "I've never had to work this hard to get girls. What is your problem? Are you into girls or something?"
Me: "You should have called one of them, I really gotta get going. Bye!"

He is so fabulous that I must be a lesbian because I don't want him? Right. Way to be full of yourself buddy. Arrogance = bad and money can only do so much. Money usually enhances the package, but if a guy totally sucks, money won't do sh*t.

So today, my roommate decided to instant message Ned and tell him I said hello. Ned responded with "Hello" quite quickly. I said, "No!! Oh no" and that also got transmitted via IM. Ned replied with "Of course." LOL

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