Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day / Night

Should I be concerned?
So some guy came up to me at Northstar and said, "We party. You look like you party. Do you party?" Uh, do I always look f*cked up? I don't even party that much, but when I do, I go big. I haven't partied for 2 weeks. Hmm, I guess that really doesn't help my case.

Main Characters from the evening:
  • The party guy - 35+, has 2 residences (brag brag), and does some kind of IPO something or other (brag brag, something to brag about in this economy? No), invited me to barhop with him and his pals for the rest of the evening, I declined the invite
  • The party guy's friend - 25?, works in technology, he was trying to say "My d*ck is bigger than his" in Chinese. Too bad I don't know how to say d*ck in Chinese
  • The gay guy - he wanted to make me is hag (gay guys rule)
  • The NY banker wannabe - okay, I really thought he was gay, but he swore up and down that he isn't. He had that arrogant NY assh*le vibe...I couldn't wait to get away from him
  • My roommate's friend (who I have never met before) - nice guy, but creepy (which I did share with my roommate)

Guys love to brag. They think this is how they need to behave to get girls. Okay, fine, sometimes it works...maybe a lot of times. It really depends what the guy is bragging about. Houses, cars, jets = great. How much debt he has or his superior computer programming skills = run far far away.

There is a huge difference between bragging and lying though. If a guy lies and a girl figures it out, does the guy think the girl will stick around because she has become enamored with him? Yeah right.

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