Tuesday, February 17, 2009

President's Day

Went to Boardroom on a Monday night to celebrate President's Day. The problem with local bars? The regulars (like myself).

Hilarious? I think so (some of you probably remember hearing about this tool...patent attorney at a large technology company; however, I after I conducted some online stalking, I really don't think he is a patent attorney).
  • Gave this guy my number 8-9 months ago after he followed me around and talked to me for 3+ hours
  • Guy never called
  • I saw him again 5 months ago and he tried to talked to me. I gave him about 15 minutes of my very scattered attention
  • Guy never called
  • I saw him again last night and he tried to get my attention. I made 0 eye contact and wouldn't look in his direction even when I was standing 3 feet away from him...haha
  • Did this guy really think he still had a chance? He should have been embarrassed to see me...
It's totally cool when guys don't call after 5 minutes of chatting at a bar (not that this happens often). There is a good chance I don't want a call and regret giving out my number.

However, it's horrendous when a random guy talks to me for over let's say 30 minutes and does not call me. Why? He prevented other guys from approaching me in those 30 minutes...ugh, poor return on investment.

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