Sunday, February 2, 2014

When He Likes You, He Likes You

I believe when he likes you, he likes you, and you'll know.  There have been several guys who have sent me multiple emails even though I never responded to their first emails.  And, if he has your number and you don't respond to a text, he'll call, send more texts, or send some emails.  If he doesn't try again after one attempt he simply isn't interested enough and that's fine, I'd rather know at the start.

I can hear some of the guys groaning, but think of it from a girl's perspective.  We'll use me as an example.  I have at least three guys who won't stop contacting me (these are guys I've met years ago).  Then, there are also the guys I haven't met who are asking me out.  So, who is going to pop up in my radar?  The guy that sends me one text or the guy who sends me four?  And, I hardly remember any details about the guys I haven't met yet or went out with once because they have not earned any space in my brain.  Ladies, just think back to all the guys you weren't interested in that wouldn't leave you alone.


  1. Since the Super Bowl is a complete disaster and is really boring, so I'll take a moment to respond.

    There's all sorts of things wrong with this. I'm not sure if I want to address them all. But I will make one point. Stop playing games, it's not the answer. You haven't found a guy yet because they aren't competing for your attention hard enough.

    I've said this before, in this day and age no person is a prize unto themselves. The prize is making a deep connection with someone. For that to happen you have to be open and you have to allow for some bumps in the road.

    My advise? Scrap all of your check lists and all of your theories on love, relationships, and dating. Let go of your desire to find love and open yourself up to just getting to know someone.

    1. I agree largely with J. I don't think ignoring guys is the way to win them over. It's a gamble if you do like the guy and he loses interest because he's tired of the games.

      I DO think a woman should set boundaries for herself... but that is in all aspects of life, not just dating (especially work and family).

    2. It comes down to why am I ignoring these guys? Well, busy, but also, I haven't liked any of the guys I've met in over four years; maybe even my whole SF stay

    3. I agree with J as well. I've seen you say you ignore guys because you aren't interested, but then you ignore them to see if they're really that interested as well? People aren't mind readers. No one is that busy that they can't take twenty minutes to respond to a few people you might be interested. In order to reap the benefits of a loving relationship, you have to invest some time. Yeah that means you might be investing some extra time in men who you eventually will not end up spending more time with, but if you don't take the time to sort tthrough the duds, how do you expect to find a good guy?

  2. For me, if I don't respond to a guy, I'm not interested, end of story. If he keeps trying, I find it annoying. And a little strange.