Sunday, February 9, 2014

LMAO and Thank You!

No really, LMAO and thank you!  I had to see The Brain at a party over the weekend.  I've successfully avoided him for six months.  Of course, The Brain knew I wouldn't miss it and turned up.  Let's just fast forward to:
  • He was hitting on me throughout the beginning of the evening.  However, every time he came near me, I found a reason to get up and walk away (bathroom, another drink, coat check, phone call, bathroom again, long lost stranger I had to greet, etc)
  • After he realized he really had no shot, he started hitting on another girl that he dated years ago (SF is too small and/or he dates too many girls)
  • This girl has not spoken to or seen him in five years, yet, he tried to take her home that night anyway!  LMAO, that indicates ignorance, denial, and/or sheer stupidity?
  • The girl and I had a good laugh about it the next day when we were texting each other
The Brain is pathetic, so pathetic that I might start to feel bad for him.  Surely, he must realize by now that his personality is so bad that: 1) girls he dates never want to speak to him again and 2) even his money can't make up for his really sh*tty personality.

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