Friday, February 14, 2014

WSJ Ranks SF #1 (Not In A Good Way)

As a follow up to yesterday's WSJ comment from Anon (thank you), here's the full article on the best/worst cities for love.  Drumroll, or not, the winner of the worst relationship city goes to San Francisco!!

I wonder if having too many perceived options ("perceived" being the key word) creates Peter Pans.  Maybe because they think they can get anyone whenever they are ready with their endless options of supermodels?

Also, another guy I've never met before has asked me out to dinner tonight.  No


  1. What exactly is a Peter Pan anyways?

  2. Peter pan syndrome describes men who think they will never age and tend to "fly" and never settle down. That kind of describes Peter Pan who is the cartoon character.

    1. Ah OK, I thought it had something to do with still playing video games and reading comic books. I was gonna say that was almost every guy below the age of 50 these days lol.

    2. And what happens to Peter Pans is they find themselves at age 48 on dating websites saying "I'm finally ready to settle down" and that they want kids and are looking for 25 year old women. Lol.

  3. Yup, that seems to be the case these days. It's so pathetic.

  4. So many people have sent me that article! I think that cities like SF, NY that attract a lot of talented and diverse people naturally breed single-ism, because these places are full of 1) tons of options for people to date and 2) options for things to do.

    If I lived in a place where I was constantly surrounded by people married by 24, I'd feel much more pressure to do the same.