Sunday, February 16, 2014

Even More On That FB Study

And some more, I just skimmed it...


  1. OMG. Dating suuuuucks in SF. Why does every guy run marathons, live in the Mission, and do not want to settle down?

  2. Haha, I could say the same thing about women. And women have a similar problem to not settling down. They are suuuuper picky about who they will date. It's just their way of expressing a position of power. When a guy has options he will explore all of them. When woman has options she will wait for the best one to come along. Those two things are not very compatible.

    1. j (are you going to start a blog?!), that's really interesting that you talk about 'position of power.' So do you encourage women to explore options? I feel like some guys say (and even write on their profiles) that they don't want to go out with a girl who goes on lots of dates. But all she is doing is exploring her options!

    2. Hmm, that is interesting, J. It does seem like guys will go out with all their options and girls will pick "the best" one.

      Sabrina, I think those guys who talk about girls going out on lots of dates are super insecure. If they know they are awesome, they should want the girl to go out with a lot of other guys and confirm it