Friday, February 7, 2014

An Online Stalker

I have what I would like to call an online stalker.  He's managed to find me on OkC, match, and eHarmony.  He's managed to find me on OkC a few times, I keep blocking him on OkC and I think he keeps opening new accounts with different usernames.  I don't know what says "not interested" more than blocking a guy on every single site he messages me.


  1. I wonder if we have the same stalker, because this guy has done it to me on OKC a lot - constantly changes usernames and sends me snarky messages about how I'm rude not to respond.

    1. Lol, think it might be a diff guy...this guy doesn't speak. Your guy sounds a like a tool, sorry

  2. Oh I have a few of those too! They keep finding me on different sites. I haven't responded to a single email and finally have started blocking. It's friggin weird and creepy.