Sunday, October 23, 2016

Let It Go

I don't know much about Buddhism, but I do know one of their beliefs is just to let it go.  That driver who cut you off?  Let it go.  That partner who cheated on you?  Let it go.  That promotion you should've gotten?  Let it go.

Things that bother me randomly pop into my head.  I'd like to say I'm able to just let it go, but that doesn't always happen.  In fact, sometimes it takes a tremendous amount of effort to let some of these things go.  It's usually relationship and dating type topics that takes me a lot of effort to let go.  I know one is suppose to be grateful and happy and that aids the process...  Perhaps, I'm going to get a book on Buddhism.


  1. My favourite motto kinda reflects your general point

    "Don't sweat the small stuff because in the life everything is just that - small stuff!"

    (including relationship downers when enough time has passed for you to get over them)

    1. LOL, true, thanks!

      Relationship downers, having absolutely no contact works wonders. What ruins that? When mutual friends bring him/her up

    2. I guess then the response should be to go out and find other brand new friends that aren't mutual, eh? A fresh start meeting people having new different, interesting, and exciting views on life. Just saying ...

    3. Good idea! I wish I knew to do no contact when I was younger. It was also easier because we didn't have facebook, twitter, et al.