Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Don't Touch Her

Advice to guys, if you are on a date or are hanging out with a girl you like, don't touch her unless she gives you clear signs it's okay.  Some signs include you find her touching you a lot, she puts her hand on your arm, she removes imaginary lint from your shoulder, she squeezes by and happens to rub up against you even though she has plenty of room, she pulls you over and kisses you, et al.

Guys, if you already touched her arm and she moved away and/or looks visibly upset, she isn't interested.  Don't do it again.  I know, there is some hypocrisy, for most guys, a girl can touch them all they want.  This does not go the other way.

Evidently, I'm still bothered by that turd I met on Sunday.  I am less bothered, but it's not entirely gone.


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