Friday, June 26, 2015

I'm Starting To Feel Bad

I'm starting to feel bad for New Leaf Guy.  Not bad enough to call him back.  One of my guy friends who can't stand the guy (based on what he's heard) was pleading his case for him at lunch today.


  1. Why was your friend pleasing New Leaf Guy's case? What was his argument?

    1. His argument was, New Leaf Guy's flakiness is a personality trait vs him trying to be flaky and talking a big game

    2. From what I know, I'd agree with your friend. I think New Leaf Guy has good intentions and is just not good at follow-through. I know people like that. I'll never rely on them but do enjoy their company.

    3. Perhaps? He has Aspergers, not the highest on the spectrum, but high enough for me to notice