Sunday, February 8, 2015

10 Signs He Just Wants To Have Sex With You

This might come in handy with Valentine's Day in a few days.  It's based on what my girl friends and I have experienced.  Some of these are very obvious!!

10 Signs He Just Wants To Have Sex With You - only accurate if you HAVEN'T already had sex with him!

  1. You just met once or haven't even met yet and he's given you a pet name or emailed/texted "sweet" messages - hi, honey; good morning, sugar; goodnight, baby; hey, hot stuff; what are you up to, sweetie; et al
  2. He calls you "hot" - pretty, beautiful, cute, gorgeous, and others are fine
  3. You just met and he's tries to touch you anywhere and everywhere - maybe he's even pretending to see if you are ticklish
  4. You just met and all he talks about is sex- specifically what it would be like to have sex with you
  5. He blatantly checks you out and isn't even embarrassed when you catch him - my eyes are up here 
  6. He blatantly checks out any woman who walks by - waitress, bartender, girl standing in the street, girl walking by the window, et al
  7. He asks to come into your apartment/house at the end of the first date - other ways of trying to get in:  he needs to charge his phone for a few minutes, he needs to use your bathroom, he has low blood sugar and needs a snack, he's too drunk, et al
  8. His idea of a date is inviting you over "to stay in and watch a movie"
  9. He only tries to schedule same day dates
  10. He vanishes after the third or fourth date