Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Empty Promises And Manipulation

I find it fascinating when guys think they'll get into my bed, get me to like them, get me to pursue them, et al through the use empty promises and manipulation.  If I was still 18, it may have worked; unfortunately, for them, I'm in my mid 30s and have almost seen and heard it all.

There's a guy who I've gone out with a handful of times.  He's been making a whole lot of empty promises - lavish vacations, fine dining, mansions, et al.  Does he actually think it's working?  Although I do believe he likes me more than the average female, I also think he really wants to get into my bed.

I used to like this guy as a friend and a person, before he started making these outlandish promises.  Now, I am very much unimpressed and stark raving mad.  He's trying to manipulate me!  I don't take kindly to attempts at manipulation.  He better watch the f*ck out.  Innocent until proven guilty?  What he hasn't done has already proven his guilt!

Sometimes, a guy can calm me down, it depends on the issue.  Let's see what he does and when; I don't think he'll just vanish into thin air.  I might be at the point of no return; I'm currently channeling a rabid dog.  I have two other guys pursuing me, one is working much harder than the other, but they are both doing better than this guy.


  1. One bit of advice, that I gleaned from Evan Marc Katz's blog but also from every straight male I know: there is NO correlation between what a man says and what he does. And his actions are the only things that matter.

    1. Absolutely, actions speak louder than words. I am insulted that this guy thought he would be able to manipulate me with words, barked up the wrong tree and will suffer the consequences