Friday, February 6, 2015

Pushiness, Lies, and Desperation

I remember going on a date with this guy towards the end of 2014.  I think I was trying to forget about the date, which is why I didn't write about it sooner?

He was in his 50s, looked much younger, and lied about his age.   Sure, he could get away with it, but it was a huge turn off.  The date was okay, we had dinner and a fair conversation.  I left thinking I wouldn't see him again.

Why?  He lied about his age. He complained about being laid off and his job search.  He didn't offer me a ride home even though he knew I was in a rush, his car was parked right outside the restaurant, and he knew I lived in the neighborhood.

That night, he emailed me to say he had a wonderful time and would like to do it again.  The next morning, he sent another email asking for my email address again, rather than communicate through the dating site.  I was thinking of a response, when he sent yet another email!  I got angrier with every passing email.  So pushy!

I could smell his desperation and desperation is not a good scent.  I replied telling him we are not a good match.  He replied saying he was disappointed and he'd like to be friends and maybe I could help him find a new job.  What?

  1. Lied about his age
  2. Didn't offer a ride
  3. Displayed many signs of desperation/pushy

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