Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Why Dating In San Francisco Is Different From The Rest Of The US

Anonymous shared this article about why dating in SF being different from anywhere else in the country.

I don't think the text communications is that different from the rest of the country.  I also haven't noticed relationships moving that quickly out here in San Francisco.  I have seen chivalry being extra dead, guys not picking up the tab, and there is no proper dating etiquette; I find all of these to be a huge problem.

If you are a guy and reading this, follow proper dating etiquette, be chivalrous, and pick up the tab; I can guarantee you will have much more success than your friends!


  1. I see similar issues in other cities. I read the thrillist articles for NY and Chicago too. The only difference that stood out is that in Chicago, living is cheap so many people don't "need" to share rent.

    Personally I never let a guy know where I live until at least date 2 (end of date). So I'd much rather just meet him somewhere. There's too many crazies out there.

  2. I should read the articles for the other cities too!

    I don't let guys know where I live either, but I do choose landmarks in my area when I'm picked up or dropped off