Saturday, February 28, 2015

Not Moving

I have a dinner date with a new guy tonight.  I've considered cancelling because he keeps wanting to move the date up.  Plans for dinner tonight have been set for a week.  Starting Tuesday or Wednesday, he's been sending me at least an email a day.  They've ranged from, "This week sucked" to "Can you meet up tomorrow?"  Why do guys try to move dates up?  I saw it as boredom and desperation.


  1. good luck on date tonight!!

  2. Maybe something else came up and he was trying to schedule around it. And before you say "he should make me priority on a Saturday night", just remember he doesn't know you and at that point, you're way less important than a spontaneous trip to Tahoe, concert tickets, a friend visiting, etc.

    1. Good point, didn't think of it that way. He's the one who initially suggested Saturday night, so maybe he should keep his weekends open and not schedule dates?