Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Marina Is Cute

I've been hanging out in The Marina a lot over the last couple of days.  My friend is visiting from NY and staying with her friends there.  The Marina is really cute and has a lot of good food.  I've never seen it during the day, lol.  I probably should have lived in the Marina for at least a year.  I wouldn't move there now because I have no idea what I am doing (staying, going, yadda yadda) and rents are probably insane.

Oh yeah, the NY visitor is another person I know who really wants to get out of NY.  My life out here in SF really isn't that bad.  I think I hate it here when the weather is sh*tty (dark, cold, windy, foggy).  When it's warm and sunny, love it.  I did read that SF weather will be warmer and drier with the whole climate change thing.

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