Monday, May 26, 2014

He's Become More Interesting

That guy I gave my number to over the weekend called (not texted, called) me fewer than 24 hours after I gave it to him.  He called at a decent hour (before 9:00 pm, yes I do think getting calls from guys you don't know very well past 9:00 pm is late).  He was funny and didn't try to prolong the conversation with chitchat.  Nice!  He's become more interesting to me.  In case you don't notice the bold font, I will list the four reasons why he's become more interesting:
  1. He called (not texted)
  2. He called at a decent hour (before 9:00 pm)
  3. He was funny
  4. He didn't try to prolong the conversation with chitchat
He asked me out, but due to conflicting schedules (already agreed upon engagements, work travel, vacation travel, etc), I'll hear from him in a few weeks.


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  2. Hey there;) love your blog! I'm just starting out with my own blog and I definitely found yours interesting! Guys are so confusing.