Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Such Hatred

Some comments (usually from Anonymous people) are really defensive and exhibit such hatred.  If what I am spewing is pure bullsh*t experienced by only one person (myself), why so angry?  Why not just write me off as a fluke?  I suspect it's because these people:
  1. See some truth in what I'm talking about, but are vehemently trying to convince themselves they like SF and want to be here or
  2. Always have to be right, have the last word, yadda yadda (yes, a trait I've seen a lot in the Bay Area)
I've been here for over six years.  I've met a lot of people (guys and gals).  I hear the same sh*t over and over.  I meet the same type of people over and over.  Unbelievably, I run into guys I've gone out with at least once a month because this city is so small and cliquish.

This city reminds me of high school, yes, I'll elaborate in the next couple of days.  Goodnight


  1. When you write a blog, you agree to put yourself there and that means taking the good with the bad. There's trolls out there, but there are also people trying to offer their genuine perspectives. It's easy to get defensive, but it's better to just let it roll off your back.

    That said, if you see consistent themes in the comments, maybe it's time to take a step back and really think about them. For all that some of my anonymous commenters irk me, several have pointed out common themes in my posts that have made me take a step back and re-assess how I approach dating.

    1. Hey Sabrina! Yup, not really being defensive as much as I'd like to flip it around on the haters and find out why they are soooo angry. Not only should I reassess, but they should too, ya know?

    2. Hey,

      You're absolutly right that it is your blog and you put whatever you want. There is no reason to hate.

      But I read it less and less because it's becoming too bitter. A year ago there were fun posts, now it's hard too find one.
      But again, it's your blog, so you put up whatever you want.

    3. Hey Jurgen, you are right, I am annoyed and I've had enough. I'm tired of trying to convince myself that "SF isn't that bad." If you want fun posts, they'll be back around over the summer when I am in my new city :)

    4. I've been less into your blog because the tone is very negative. And it seems like you are banking all your happiness on the dating pool of your future location.

      Maybe the new focus of your blog should be on what makes you happy. My guess it is not the perfect-on-paper guy who pursues you like he's in a romantic comedy.

      I'm a Boston girl, but I've got 3 weddings in the next year all of friends who moved to San Francisco in the last 5 yrs, met someone there, and are now getting married.

    5. Hi Anon, you are right, I have become negative because I am sick of San Francisco and need to leave ASAP. I've given this a lot of thought over the past year...even if I met my version of the perfect guy here, I still wouldn't want to be here. That says a lot.

      That's great that your friends met their spouses in SF. I'm curious, how did they meet? School, work, online, friends, party, etc?

    6. If you hate where you live, then I understand wanting to get out. I felt that way about Austin, when I was there for grad school. And I'm trying to convince my fiance to move to NY from Boston.

      Let's see, of the 3 couples.... 1 couple met both working at Google, one on J-date, and one on OkCupid.

      Good luck, looking fwd to your big decision.

    7. Yes, totally hate where I live. I heard Boston is awesome! Been there a few times, very pretty.

      Love hearing about how people meet! How did you meet your fiance?

      Thanks so much and good luck on moving to NY!

    8. Love Boston, but it's definitely full of Boston people... it's the type of city where everyone is a "local" and hangs out with their high school friends at the same bar every Friday night. I'd love to move to NY but my fiance is pretty glued to Boston.

      We met on

    9. Very interesting, I've thought about Boston, but it sounds like it might be difficult to meet new people.

      Oh cool, might try it out in the new city

  2. AG, do NOT move to Boston. I'm from that area, went to grad school there, lived in Brighton for a couple of years and am fairly certain you'd despise it.