Friday, May 2, 2014


HAHAHAHA.  Silicon Valley isn't helping itself.  You guys see this?


  1. Meh, this isn't that surprising. Tech is just catching up with other professions filled with Alpha Males. Chances are that every time I run into a bro in this city they either work in Finance or Law. Tech is starting to sneak into the misogynist camp.

  2. I'm a girl and I don't see anything wrong with Codebabes. Not every product has to target both males and females. It's just like on-line strip-poker only you actually learn something. However, if I were them, I would change their business model and include the tutorial with male striptease as well - it will broaden their reach.

    1. I think it's so funny because programmers have this whole "not doing great with women" stigma and Codebabes doesn't really help dispute

  3. Just following in Wall Street's steps. Beat 'em or join 'em. I'm a girl who works in tech.