Thursday, January 2, 2014

A "Resolution?"

A new year, a fresh start, ahhhh.  I'm not sure if this qualifies as a resolution (I typically don't make least, not only at the start of a new year).  People seem to automatically do a "Year in Review" type of thing around the holidays; I certainly do, but I digress...

So, a new thing I'm doing in 2014: not going out with guys just because I already agreed I would.  Let me explain, there have been several instances in 2013 (and probably beyond) where I have agreed to go out with a guy, was massively turned off by something he said over email/phone/text/etc before the date, but went out with him anyway because I had already agreed I would.  This has never worked out for me!  Think I'd be doing the guy a favor if I just say, "Hi, sorry, I have to cancel" or something like that.

I'm still mad at myself for having gone out with this guy.  I was already annoyed with him before we had even met!  If I liked him, I might have thought to myself, "Oh, that's cute that he keeps contacting me and wants to know more."   However, since I didn't like him, I was left thinking, "Ugh, I should have cancelled.  What a horrible date.  What a waste of time and I feel a violated because he rapid fired 150 obtrusive questions at me."  No, I didn't answer all his questions and I still feel this way.


  1. Don't be mad at yourself. Even a bad experience is a lesson learned and a memory! :)