Sunday, January 12, 2014

Resolution, Check!

I had a dinner date planned two weeks in advance (good) for last night (Saturday) and I cancelled because:
  1. I wasn't interested in him and was only going to go because he's really well educated (bad reason, as I have already learned from dating countless well educated arrogant dbags)
  2. He didn't seem that interested in me (see reason #3), and
  3. He was too casual (he didn't pick a specific time to "hang out" and was hinting I go down to San Jose even though we had already agreed on dinner in San Francisco weeks ago)
Usually, when I see the kind of behavior exhibited in reason #3, I know A) he's a guy that isn't used to going after a girl because he doesn't need to (this tends to happen with successful guys, yes, he falls into this category), or B) he just isn't interested enough.

I'm actually sticking with what I said I would do (cancel on a guy even if I already agreed to go out with him).  Yes!


  1. Good for yo! #3 is a huge red flag - any guy who isn't willing to step up and be a gentleman is clueless, lazy, or used to having girls chase him. And we (at least you and I, AG), do NOT chase men! :)

  2. From what you're describing, I agree that you made the right choice. Sometimes you just know that its not going to work out.

    1. Thanks, Asha! Yeah, I wasn't very interested and he seemed like he'd be a pain in the ss