Sunday, January 26, 2014

I'll Pay Someone To Do It For Me

A married girl was very confused as to how I was going to buy and move a chair off of Craigslist.  She had been with her guy for such a long time that she didn't know how to move furniture without him.  She wasn't even joking when she said, "See, this is why you need a boyfriend, so he can move stuff for you." She was genuinely surprised when I told her, "I'll pay someone to do it for me."

Gals, please don't feel helpless.  You can always ask friends/family or pay people to do stuff for you.  I'd rather pay people than trouble my friends.  Yeah, I'm sure friends would be happy to help, but why inconvenience them especially when manual labor is involved?


  1. It's like my friends who ask me "but who are you going to go to [insert vacation destination] with?"

    As for manual labor, I usually either ask a guy friend (the 2 that I have) and ply them with dinner & booze, or I pay someone. In either case, being single does not mean helpless!!

    P.S. AG, holler if you DO need help :)

    1. Aww, thanks, Sabrina! I'm all good, girls don't need to carry couches ;)

  2. Seriously!! It's not like it's a disease.

  3. The last time I moved, my mom and my brothers helped me. I don't have a ton of stuff tho, and I moved most of it on my own. ;-)