Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New York

I changed my location on match to New York.  In 24 hours, I've received:
  • 19 emails
  • 28 winks
  • 7 favorites (guys that favorited me)
Out of the 19 guys who emailed me, I am interested in exactly zero of them.   This makes me quite happy because I have less of the whole "guys are in NY are more my type" kind of thinking.


  1. I also tried Match in NYC. Like you got a lot more interaction than here in SF but no potentials and the excitement died as quickly as it started. I did have two great dates with guys from eHarmony in SF. One is 26, the other 36. I'm totally digging the youngin. Third date with the youngin on Friday, second date with the 36 y.o. on Saturday. Happy 2014!

    1. Happy 2014! Glad eHarmony is going well for you! Have fun!

      Think I've been on two eHarmony dates, don't plan on seeing either of them again.