Monday, November 18, 2013

Sure, Why Not

I was an an event over the weekend and it was filled with a much older crowd.  Apparently, these are the guys that are into me.  These guys (mid 40s, late 40s, and 50s) were smiling at me left and right.  They were even trying to talk to me!  (Yeah, something that guys nearish my age guys don't normally do.)  It was a sit down dinner and I ended up sitting next to a guy...from what I can gather, he's probably 15 years my senior.

At the end of dinner, I had to go.  He asked for my number and I gave it to him.  I don't expect him to call, but if he does call and wants to go out, sure, why not


  1. That's exciting! :-D I hope he calls.

    Older men can be really fun. Much different than dating men your age. They seem to be more comfortable with opening up. Not to mention more willing to please you in bed (and out). ;-)

    1. Thanks, Asha! Lol, didn't know that. He was definitely more open with the whole, "I'm interested and want to see you again" thing

  2. My husband is 17 years my senior and I can vouch for what Asha is saying. Not only do they know who they are and what they want, but they have 'skills' younger guys don't have.

  3. The last older guy I was in a relationship turned out to be really controlling. He almost acted like a father figure. That's the thing when they're that much older, it's hard to be on the same playing field! But I think that it depends on the guy too. :) Like your blog!