Monday, July 1, 2013

Entitled Little Boys

I seemed to have met way too many babied entitled little boys (okay, they are guys in their 30s-40s, but behave like little boys) in San Francisco.  I was recently on a flight and had the window seat.  The guy next to me kept opening the shade even though I kept shutting it.  Isn't it an unofficial rule that whoever sits next to the window manages the shade?  I believe it is and even saw it in the WSJ sometime within the past year.  I had to show the guy why I couldn't have it open, the sun was shining directly onto my lap, thereby increasing my core temperature by what felt like 10 degrees.  It also caused a horrible glare which caused me to see spots, but of course, entitled guy didn't realize this either.

I am sure he is used to getting his way.  How about being a gentleman and not a spoiled child?  How about, if you wanted the window seat, you should have booked the window seat?  How about, I clearly don't want the shade open and shouldn't need to detail why?


  1. OMG, he was so rude. I am pretty sure if there was an airplane etiquette handbook, there would be something in there about the rights of the person who has the window seat and he would clearly be in violation.

    1. Cool, it's not just me who thinks window controlled by window seat occupant.