Saturday, July 6, 2013

eHarmony Is Not Enjoyable

Yes, hundreds of guys have contacted me on eHarmony.  I do not find eHarmony to be an enjoyable experience.  The first round of questions, easy.  The must haves/must not haves are stupid because 10 deal breakers seems like a lot.  Also, some of them overlap and are kind of repetitive.  The second round of questions, even more stupid.  I don't think I learn much from these answers since most people will try to paint themselves to be absolutely awesome.  Then, emails, it's never ending.


  1. :( I disliked eHarmony, I got a lot of contact but none of it was really promising and the multiple steps of 'guided communication' were frustrating.

    Then again, my friend's sister just celebrated the 1 year anniversary of her wedding....met him on eharmony!

    1. Totally frustrating. Yup, I know one couple that got married from eharmony