Monday, July 22, 2013


Three boys (yes, notice how I say "boys") contacted me over the weekend.  
1.  Smart Guy emailed me "Hi!" On OkC. I ignored
2.  The Brain tried to schedule a very last minute brunch. I replied 12 hours later saying, "Can't, busy." He responded with something like, "K, it was last min."  If he really wants to see me, he can schedule ahead if time. We've even talked about this before, so the fact that he is still doing this means he's not interested enough. Plus, I don't drop everything for guys
3.  Eharmony guy (not sure if he gets a name yet) blew up my phone (calls, texts, emails). I was busy and still haven't returned any of these.  I like that he is trying, but he is getting borderline annoying. It's like, I have a life; do you have patience?  It's the weekend, people are busy!

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