Monday, July 8, 2013

A Real Meeting?

Two guys have made it to the point where they can email me on eHarmony.  They both want to meet up, but instead of suggesting days/times, they keep asking me when I am free.  I would rather they suggest days/times and we go from there.  I am being meh, probably because I am not into either one of these guys.  Furthermore, what's with warning me that they want to call me?  Just call, they have my number now...  Yeah, really sounds like I'm just not interested.


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    Tom, MDIH

  2. I think you should give E-Harmony more of a chance and really hone your "hunting". I found the questions to be a cool feature because it does bring out some important issues that maybe wouldn't get brought up otherwise.

    It doesn't hurt to give a little effort in the pursuing aspect of developing a new relationship either. Sure it's really nice to be pursued, but they are also putting themselves on the line and it's natural to look for encouragement before taking the plunge so to speak.

    If you're really not that interested, be fair and let them know so they can move on to other prospects. You could reciprocate by asking if weekends or weekdays are better for them, and reply with which is better for you and ask him to pick a day.

  3. I don't see anything wrong with them asking when you're free. They're already putting themselves out there by asking you to hang out. They don't need the added rejection of you shooting down a day they suggest. You could still make them 'man up' and choose by giving them a few options of when you're free.