Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Silicon Valley

Lots of people tell me I should go to Silicon Valley to meet a guy.  This blurb says no. 

The blurb's top reasons:
  • The huge guy to girl ratio means guys are desperate.  This could be true, but it seems to be a good thing for the ladies?
  • People are stressed.  Weak argument, people are stressed in most major cities
  • Very high expectations.  Also a weak argument, high expectations aren't just a Silicon Valley thing
Silicon Valley still looks like a possibility.


  1. I am booking marking this and pulling it out whenever my Chicago/NY/elsewhere friends ask why dating is so hard in the Bay Area! I particularly agree with this: "When they're not working on their startup, they're busy perfecting some other skill as most ambitious people do. When they're not working on their new skillset, they're traveling."

    Having dating one of these guys, who would give up bedroom fun to spend an extra hour working, I get it.

  2. Revisiting this link after a recent conversation with someone. Have you ever felt like the typical milestones for most young people are very skewed in SF? It's not: graduate college, get a job, get married, buy a house, have kids, save for retirement.

    In SF it seems to be: Get an MBA, land an awesome tech job, start your own company, get funded, sell, travel, all the while have a party lifestyle, and then maybe at age 45 realize you should think about dating seriously.

    1. Or, start your own company, hope to be the next Instagram, sell, party, try to marry a 25 year old at 45?

    2. I might be giving up on techie boys. I'm attracted to their intelligence and ambition, but there's plenty of smart & successful guys out there who aren't in tech, and who can treat women well. Blurgh!