Friday, August 17, 2012

Expectations of Perfection

Expectations are too high.  Everyone wants perfect.  How is this possible?  Your friends aren't perfect, your family isn't perfect, your boss isn't perfect, etc.  And nowadays, spouses are supposed to be everything; your best friend, your mentor, your companion, etc.  That's too much for one person!  I don't want to treat my husband like a gal pal.  I don't want to tell him about some new diet I am trying out or how many hours I spent researching a new pair of shoes.

Screw the guy that is trying to rule a girl out.  I am not trying to be a hypocrite and don't consider myself one since I am trying to change this terrible habit.  It's easy to cross people off the list, but is having a typo in an email really that bad?  Does that mean he will be a bad husband?  Maybe, maybe not, but come on, this just doesn't seem like a smart way to go about spouse hunting.


  1. perfect is boring

  2. There are guys who want a woman that is:
    -girly but likes watching sports
    -confident but not bitchy
    -loves camping and rock-climbing but also likes to get dressed up and go to swanky clubs
    -is "independent but not a ball-buster

    Does this woman exist? If so, I'd love to meet her.